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Today, you’re sending your hard earned followers away to
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Fife lets you add your message and call-to-action
to the external content you share. Get the return you
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Why Fife?

Unique insights

Unlike other tools. Fife lets you
go beyond clicks, likes and
comments. See time spent and
measure conversions from
shared content.

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Save time & money

It’s hard to create well researched
epic content every time.
Leverage high quality content
and convert, all at the same time.

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Intelligent sharing

Add variations of your messaging
and call-to-actions. Sit back and
relax, Fife will figure out what
messaging converts best.
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Here's what the experts are saying

“If you are active on social media,
and most businesses are, you need to
share content that others have created.”

“If you are going to be successful in
blogging and social media, you have
to realize that it’s not all about you.”

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Great for getting started

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  • Everything from Serious
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No worries. All plans comes with 14 day money back guarantee.

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