Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fife?

Fife is a link shortener with a twist. Instead of simply shortening and tracking links, Fife lets you add a message and call-to-action to any link you share. This means that you can keep a fraction of your followers attention, while you share 3rd party content.

Why Fife?

Fife is all about encouraging sharing, by making it more attractive for people to share content.

Today, when sharing 3rd party content, you give the creator of the content 100% of your hard earned followers attention. With Fife, you only give 90% of the attention and keep 10% of it. After all, you are the one who brought your followers to their site.

Do I have to pay to use Fife?

You can use the core features of Fife for free. If you have a need to customize your Fife links more than what our free version offers, or need more advanced analytics, you will have to pay to use Fife.

If I share a link through Fife, how does the content creator benefit?

Sharing 3rd party content with your followers through Fife is a win-win for both you and the content creator. Sharing quality content with your followers is a great way to stimulate engagement on your own social channels, but also an opportunity for the content creator to greet visitors that previously wouldn’t have arrived on his site.

The Fife bar is great because 1. you can keep 10% of the attention of your followers, while sharing relevant content, and 2. because you know the context of where your followers came from and can help give them a better, more relevant experience.

How does the Fife bar affect SEO?

― The short answer is: It doesn’t really.

If someone shared your content with Fife, you probably have 2 concerns, namely 1. duplicate content and 2. your search index rankings. Let me briefly explain how Fife (doesn’t) affect them:

Duplicate content is not a concern when someone shares your content with Fife. Your content is in no way “duplicated” or copied. Your content is still served directly from your own website as always, and Google knows that. Only thing that’s changed is that the sharer is showing the Fife bar together with your content.

Your search index rankings are not affected by Fife. Fife links are not indexed by search machines, but your content still is. That means that no one will find a Fife link through a search engine. Only when someone they are following are sharing a Fife link with them will they see it. So when someone shares a link with Fife, it won’t affect the rankings of the original content in a negative way. Search engines can still crawl the original content through the Fife link, but they won’t index the Fife link itself.